Same Floss. Different Blog.

For those people familiar with my previous blog, I’m sure at least one person has wondered why I’m starting all over again when I had a perfectly functional blog already. To be honest, I’ve wondered that myself and it hasn’t been the easiest question to answer.

This is actually my third blogging space. The first was visited by far less people than FlossDoesLife but it was still a great experience for me. I used it as a place to share my erotica. I never shared pictures or personal essays there. While the visitor numbers may not have been high, the feedback I got on my stories gave me a huge confidence boost and created conversations with other folks interested or involved in various elements of BDSM.

When I started exploring non-monogamy, I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts on the new experiences and feelings I was having. That was initially why I started FlossDoesLife. What it became was something I never dreamed of. I am exceptionally proud of every post I created for it, not to mention getting it to the top spot of Molly’s excellently curated Top 100 Sex Blogs in 2019. In 2019 I also blogged every single day. Sometimes twice a day and I think I ended up publishing over 400 posts that year.

I wrote about more kinks than I ever could have imagined, and I divulged my own feelings in great depth and detail often discovering things about myself as I wrote and gaining clarity on my own thoughts that I never could have done without writing. So why, if I see it as such an epic success am I closing the door on it and launching Following Floss instead.

I think the simplest answer is because I want to. It’s what makes sense to my mind. I was effectively a lifestyle kinkster during most of the time I was writing for FlossDoesLife. My free time was constantly given over to either blogging, podcasting or kink events. Now I am a stay-at-home mum, in a monogamous relationship and my sex life is more inclined towards the vanilla. To be clear, those two lifestyles don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They just are for me at the moment. I also don’t regret the life I had or the life I have created now, but for me they are just two very different chapters of my life and I think the only way to get my writing mojo back is to start a new blog.

I still want to talk about sex and relationships, I’d love to think I might feel inspired to write some erotica again too. Beyond that though I don’t have any solid plans for this blog. I simply wanted to create a new space where I felt comfortable and motivated to share my thoughts again. Hopefully I will get my act together to participate in some of your awesome memes again and I promise I will be better at reading your work too. I know there are likely a lot of new blogs I need to check out, I’m looking forward to getting involved in the blogging landscape again.

I know it’s early to be looking towards the new year already, but I really am hoping 2023 is a good blogging year for us all.

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