Some People Should Get in the Bin

CW: No direct examples of but discussion around abuse between partners/towards women. 

I thought about kicking this blog off with something sexy, but I’ve decided not to, and the reason why will be revealed at the end of this post. 

Put her in her place, 

slap her hard & often.

All women are whores.

I’ve been mulling this quote over since I saw it was the prompt for the later No True Way and I think I finally have a message for the tragic excuse for men who think this way. 

Maybe we are all whores. Quite frankly I’d rather be a whore by any definition of the word than an abusive asshole. 

I also find it interesting that almost anytime men like this want to insult women as a collective they often choose words like whore or slut. Seemingly accusing us of selling sex or enjoying casual sex is the very worst of insults. Worse apparently than openly declaring you should beat your partner to keep them in check? 

I could live a thousand different lives and in every one of them I would rather be a slut and a whore than someone who beats the person they are meant to love and cherish. I see zero shame in selling sex or fucking around but I see a bucket load of shame in physical assaulting other human beings to try and make yourself feel like the big man in charge. 

You’re not big. You’re not clever. If you think the same way as that quote you are a nasty, disgusting waste of human life. I would fight tooth and nail for a woman’s right to sell sex and fuck around without being stigmatised. I would give no time, not even one second to any person who treats women like second class citizens and things that should be put in their place.

We are not objects. 

We are not punching bags. 

We are not here for your entertainment.

We are not less than you. 

If you believe the quote above though you are worth less than a useful object. 

You aren’t worth the energy it would take to punch something. 

You aren’t entertaining anyone with your asshole personality. 

And you are one of the most lesser beings I can imagine. 

There is nothing anyone could say to convince me that any person who abuses their partner in this way is a decent person. They’re just not. I’ve mostly centered this post around abuse towards women perpetuated by men because but any gender abusing any gender is not okay. 

I love the internet, it has brought so much into my life but I hate that it gives poisonous people a platform to spout their toxic thoughts and encourage their toxic behaviours. I know a lot of it is rage bait and they’re just trolling to get a rise out of us. The sad thrush is though these people do exist and they’re out there hurting people and finding like minded people online to validate their shitty behaviour. 

My kids are only young, but the eldest is nearly 11 and heading off to secondary school next year. We do talk a lot about what are the right ways to treat people. He will not, on my watch, grow up to be anything less than a decent, compassionate and inclusive human being. He also (so far, thankfully) mixes with good kids, they all give me so much hope for the future. 

However, he also has a stepbrother who is a year older, and his attitude is not quite what I would accept in my own house. He thinks Andre Tate is someone to be admired and thinks his opinions are spot on. If you’ve not seen his opinions I’ll summarise by saying he exclusively calls women females, thinks depression isn’t real, would only give CPR to a hot ‘female’, he think you’re lying if you say you don’t need alcohol to have fun, he think life as a man is inherently harder than life as a woman, he thinks covid was a hoax, thinks women are stays symbols, constantly refers to us all as bitches and is basically a trash human being. Honestly if he was my son, I’d be ashamed of him and if you read a recent tweet of mine, you’d know I don’t take the thought of imagining that situation lightly. 

I mention that to show that even in young boys these notions of women being less than are still brewing. I think misogyny is still so ingrained in our culture in so many ways that many people don’t see it. I know that some people in my real life would see how I educate Small Human in matters surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, sexism, racism etc is a bit much, ‘too woke’ and I’m teaching him to be a ‘snowflake’ who sees problems where there aren’t any. I obviously entirely disagree. I will teach him that some men are misogynistic assholes and also that plenty of women uphold those values too. He needs to know because if he doesn’t know he can’t fight against this shitty system. 

In summary I am against misogyny, I think the patriarchy can go fuck itself and while we’re at it I think the Tories are trash and get in the bin too. 

I support and welcome sex workers, the entire rainbow of LGBTQ+ folks, people of all races from all the cultures. I believe in support for mental health, I just wish there was more of it. All bodies are good bodies and no one should be shamed for how they look. Abortions are health care, sex isn’t a sin, virginity is made up and language surrounding menstual and gynaecological health should be inclusive and not limited to cis-gendered women. 

If you feel like my beliefs, politics and desire for inclusiveness is wrong or somehow shakes the foundations of your delicate sense of self then please just don’t come back here. This is not the blog for you. 

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