In My Mouth

The bedroom is wrapped in darkness when he arrives home, but light from the hallway casts a warm glow over him as he stands beside the bed and to undress. My body shuffles across the mattress, leaving my warm spot behind and feeling the cool sheet where he sleeps beneath me. As I reach the edge of the bed my outstretched hand finds his thigh.

The winter chill lingers on his skin as my palm caresses his thighs and arse before he climbs into bed. To my surprise though instead of joining me under the covers he takes a few steps, bringing his dick is level with my face. He isn’t hard and there is something incredibly sexy at being presented with his flaccid dick as it welcomes the warmth of my hand.

One hand reaches down to cup my face, it’s a tender touch but as I lean into his touch, I feel his palm shift and fingers curl into my hair, I realise that his plans to get warm do not involve the bed covers. 

He guides my face towards his dick and while I know where we are heading my mouth remains closed. Instead, my face nuzzles at his groin. The scent of him fills my senses and my tummy flips as I take him into my mouth. Fuck, it never gets old, that small, satisfied gasp he makes when my mouth first envelopes him. 

Without taking him from my mouth I reposition myself, so I’m facing him, my body sprawled across the bed in a non-description, totally inelegant fashion but it means I can prop myself up on one arm, while the other grabs and caresses everything from his thighs to his balls. If I can reach it, I’m running my hand over it. What my mouth is doing is for him, what my hand is doing is for me. 

My cunt is throbbing as he begins to fuck my face. It starts slow and rhythmic at first, but as both hands ball into fists in my hair he picks up pace and I know that my mouth will be getting the very thing my cunt is begging for. 

I could position my fingers against my clit, I could probably even time my own orgasm to coincide with his, but I don’t. I’m enjoying the ever so torturous fire that is building within me. I’m growing hotter and wetter with every thrust, his dick is pummeling my throat, his head is tilted, eyes skyward as he loses himself in the pleasure he gains from using me as his own personal fuck toy and I’m helpless against the overwhelming desire I have to be used by him in just this way. 

Fuck, I do want to come, its right there on the tip of clit, ready for the taking but instead I wallow in the sensations he creates within me as he takes exactly what he wants from me and with final thrust he fills my mouth with his load. My head is still under his control creating a limited ability for me to swallow properly and ribbons of hot spunk drip down my chin as he slowly withdraws himself from my mouth. 

I make motions to leave the bed, clean up and get cosy but his hand catches my wrist as he asks a simple question that is loaded with intent; ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ I realise that perhaps my cunt will be getting some attention after all.

I’m going to try and write a short piece of erotica every weekend and share it on a Sunday. It’s been a long time since I was in the habit of writing fictional tales or anything besides sharing my thoughts and opinions. I even made a little badge just in case I decided to invite others to join in with me one day!

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