The Future of Floss on Social Media

I’ve been using Twitter for one thing or another for about 8 years now. I know for many people it’s ‘just social media’ but for me it really has been an excellent way to connect with people and I would dearly miss hearing from many of the folks I follow on Twitter.

As the days go on though it does seem more and more likely that Twitter will change so much it may not be what it once was. I know many people are setting up accounts elsewhere and reaching out to people they’d be sad to lose contact with. I personally fired up my old tumblr account and had a brief but abandoned attempt at signing up for Mastadon. 

I think though it may be time for me to just let the social media side of things die off if Twitter becomes useless. Mastadon is a no go for me. Tumblr just doesn’t give the same user experience as Twitter. Instagram might be okay if I took more pictures. Overall between Twitter going down in flames and some other realisations, it seems the time to just throw in the towel is fast approaching. 

I’ll keep my Twitter going for as long as it’s still a functional outlet. Instagram will stay put too but I don’t use it very often at the moment. I’ll keep this blog going for the time being too but I do think I’m going to scale back my online presence. 

What I’d hoped or thought I’d built isn’t actually a reality and I don’t think it’s worth clinging on to something just for the sake of using up energy. 

A lot of my social life and social interactions have been via Twitter in the last few years. I will be a bit lost without that but maybe it’s time to try and find some new friends locally, for real life meets. Which definitely isn’t easy and is totally anxiety inducing, but perhaps now is the time to try. 

For those of you relocating to new social media pastures I wish you well and I hope it is everything Twitter was and more, but I won’t be joining you on that new venture.

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