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I’ve never kept a diary. The closest I came was FlossDoesLife. Any diary I ever attempted to keep was very much ‘woke up, had breakfast, went for a walk, saw friend, time for bed. Bye diary’ it wasn’t until I started blogging that I figured out how to dig a little deeper and appreciate how cathartic it could be to get my thoughts down in writing.

I haven’t started it yet, but I did have thoughts to maybe start a creative journal this year. Perhaps a page a day diary that I can do a little doodle on, write a little poem perhaps.

Then again there is always this blog. One of my aims for 2023 is definitely to blog a little more, or at least try to. I want to see if blogging does still prove useful as an outlet or not. It’s tedious talking about it all the time. Bemoaning how it’s all different now and how frustrating it is to know where I’m going with it.

The truth is blogging was a way of documenting a journey that I very much needed to go on. A journey of self discovery and healing, a journey that I thought was my destination, when in truth all of what I blogged about on FlossDoesLife was simply a tale of me navigating my way from lost to found.

In the place of found though, things are far less bloggable. I adore my life and Mr F. I find him so utterly enthralling that even thinking about how happy I am makes me tear up. I don’t want anyone to think that less bloggable equals boring. My life is exciting for me but that doesn’t necessarily translate as readable for anyone who visits me here.

I do have things that I potentially might want to share here though. I’m going to attempt at least one Sinful Sunday post a month and I’m so excited for Molly’s new meme, which has inspired this post. Who knows maybe I just need to find a new groove.

No one has asked me for the following advice, but I’m going to give it anyway, to anyone who is wishing they could use their blog to delve deeper into their feelings or treat it more as a journal, my advice is to be painfully and brutally honesty. I don’t mean against or towards other people but about yourself.

It’s not easy and I suppose it does take practice, but that subject you’ve been wanting to tackle but you’re not brave enough, that’s the topic you need to write about most. Or that part of yourself you’re still not sharing for fear of judgement, that part of you deserves to be written about,

The biggest leaps I ever in made in both blogging and in my personal development were when I just said ‘fuck or’ and wrote about the things I was sure people would not understand or would cast judgement on.

So my wish for all bloggers for 2023 is that they publish at least one ‘fuck it’ post and I hope they feel better for it.

7 thoughts on “Blogs, Diaries & Delving Deep

  1. To me, one of the best parts about blogging, and reading blogs, is that they are so fluid and can evolve and change as our lives change. Believe me, we are just as interested in things now as we were 5 years ago, etc. Looking forward to reading more of you this year!

  2. Great to see you blogging again, however much or little of it you manage. Your words are always insightful. I completely agree with the lost to found thing. I also struggle now my life is as it is. Though on recent reflection I’ve realised I do have stuff to say. Looking forwards to more from you this year.

  3. “my advice is to be painfully and brutally honesty. I don’t mean against or towards other people but about yourself.” Such good advice and even after all these years something I often I have to remind myself.

    Glad Revelations was helpful to get you writing. i hope it continues to do so


  4. I took a two year blogging hiatus as I just didn’t feel the joy for it anymore. Mostly that was because I was blogging for other people and had lost the painfully and brutally honest part, so your post really hit a nerve with me. Hoping blogging 2.0 will go better for me.

  5. I have always said I blogged as if no one was reading but the reality is slightly different of course. Thank you for reminding me of my prime directive.

  6. I, too, sometimes feel as though things don’t translate well to ‘readable’ — I often find I am mulling difficult things (or sweet things or simple things or needs-a-lot-of-background-to-make-sense-to-others things) and just CAN’T.

    But then there are times when I say “whatever” and post my “can’t” anyway.

    The response is always a mixed bag. But I’ve rarely regretted putting it out there.

    It’s lovely to see you writing in this new (new-to-me, anyway) space. I look forward to reading more in 2023.

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