All Kisses Great and Small

I couldn’t begin to tell you the first thing about the personality of the first person I kissed. I remember his name. I remember tentatively touching his penis and lying about it being my first time. I also remember being quite relieved when my friends interrupted us and I went home instead of doing anything else with him. 

I felt ready, but looking back I wasn’t quite ready. A few weeks later I kissed a girl for the first time and well … the difference was quite something. The girl, who is now a woman, off loving her life somewhere, has the great privilege to live in my mind as a somewhat mythical beauty. I remember her fondly. I also marvel at how intensely I felt everything for her in the way only a teenager can I suspect. It was all far too dramatic to last very long but how wonderful it is to have held her in my memory for so long. I occasionally saw her up until about six years after we left school and even then just looking at her would make my stomach flip. 

I feel quite blessed to have had quite a few kisses in my life so far. Soft kisses, rough kisses, long kisses that lead somewhere and stolen kisses filled with intent. I’ve kissed people I shouldn’t, I’ve kissed in places I shouldn’t. I’ve kissed friends and lovers. I’ve kissed as a wife, as a girlfriend and as just some girl. I’ve waited for kisses that never came and I’ve waited for kisses that I can’t imagine my life without. Kissing is quite a wonderful and varied pastime. 

Recently I read that married couples should kiss for at least six seconds every day to avoid divorce, or words to that effect. I reported back to Mr F with these findings and he quite rightly pointed out that we’re not married, so divorce isn’t really a worry. However, the conversation has somewhat stuck in our daily lives and I often mention that we haven’t had our six second kiss or when we are kissing Mr F will be daft and do counting at the same time. 

Mr F is on the list of kisses I had to wait for! Three months was how long I had to wait for his kisses. We’d done everything but kiss. When he eventually kissed me I thought I might actually pass out from happiness. I also had to contain myself so I didn’t jump up and down shouting a massive ‘hell yeah’. When we finally had our ‘we are a couple, not just fucking’ chat, we established that the moment it was more than fucking for Mr F was with the kissing. Which I actually think is pretty cute. I have never waited to kiss anyone before, it’s always been the first thing I’ve done with people, but for Me F to see it as another level of intimacy was really lovely. 

One of my favourite kisses is small but mighty and Mr F is the only person who has ever kissed me in this way. It’s the forehead kiss. Now, he doesn’t do it every day. But he does it often enough for me to notice and every time it gets me right in the feels. 

Then again, the big kisses stir some serious feelings in me too. They, however, are in the knicker region not the heart. I don’t particularly like the word, or notion of ‘foreplay’, but in terms of acts that get me thoroughly turned on and ready for more sexy stuff, kissing is the way to go. Sometimes the kissing gets so hot and heavy it feels like there shouldn’t be anything else after it, the satisfaction that comes with Mr F then sliding his fingers inside me is phenomenal. 

I feel very blessed to receive the kisses I do from Mr F. I haven’t always been so lucky with that in previous relationships. I have also kissed some quite delightful people over the years and I wish the same for all of you.

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