Wanna Fuck? Then You Gotta Make Me LOL!

I’m not a funny person. Funny, peculiar, maybe. But funny haha, not so much. Which means I find people who can make me laugh absolutely enthralling. Being able to make people laugh is a wonderful gift and it is a gift that has got me naked more than once!

One of the reasons I decided Mr F was incredibly sexy and needed to be in my bed, was because he made me laugh and smile. We worked together and I started to realise that the smiles and laughter I had on shift with him were more fun than anything else I was doing outside of work. He’s sexy in all kinds of ways, but being funny is definitely where his sexy started. 

Before I sat down to write this post I thought it would be easy to explain why I find funny people so sexy. However, I realised as I started writing that I’ve never actually considered the why of it, so I had to have a little think, and I think I’ve come up with some answers. For me, that is, if you also find funny sexy then your reasons may differ. 

Part of why I find people who make me laugh so sexy is they tend to help me loosen up a little. It’s easy for me to be a bit uptight, which seems like a strange way to describe myself given my online persona. I don’t think Floss seems uptight at all. But in everyday life being sensible, overthinking and the joys of anxiety can sometimes hold me back a little. Someone who is funny has the same effect on me as I imagine a few drinks does for other people. I just feel the tension leave my body, the laughter helps but also the attitude funny people tend to have also rubs off on me a little. 

Maybe the main reason though is that laughter just feels good. So when someone I know makes me laugh often that translates quite well into imagining the other ways in which they could make me feel good. A wonderment that hasn’t let me down so far. I am sure not all funny people are good in bed, but in my experience funny people are excellent in bed. 

If I had to pick a celebrity to fuck and I had no way of knowing if they’d be good in bed or not, I would 100% pick someone who had the ability to be funny over someone who’s personality I couldn’t be sure of but who was physically attractive, be that conventionally or just ‘my type’. Although I’d add to this that they do have to be funny to me, people think Will Ferrell is funny but I don’t get it, so he’s not on my list of funny guys I’d let in my bed. 

The three people I normally list as funny enough to fuck that people don’t always get are Nick Frost, Russel Howard and Steve Carrell. I’d genuinely take my chances with all of them if I wanted a good night of sexy fun purely because they all make me piss myself with laughter. However, Steve Carrell has got the whole silver fox thing going on now so I think more people think he’s sexy now than they did before. I’d take a punt on Ryan Reynolds too, he’s definitely funny enough to get it. 

The issue comes if someone funny wants me to be funny in return, because that is not a service I offer. I can however be a great audience of one. Thankfully funny people tend to enjoy being the funny one, which means I get to be entertained by Mr F and in return I put his cock in my mouth. It’s a winning situation for all involved. 

When you’re growing up people talk a lot about what you should look for in a partner. I personally think we’re not always advised well. When I realised times might be changing and I’d potentially be without a partner, because I was stepping away from kink and that wasn’t something that they wanted to do, I decided that I was going to be clear with myself what I wanted to look for in a partner. 

Funny was on that list. I wanted to laugh about life, about silly things I found online, about daft things only we thought were funny. Mr F and I laugh together every day about something or other. Even on days that have been hard for reasons outside of our control he’s still managed to make me laugh and not in a way that makes me feel like my worries or sadness are unimportant or something I should just brush under the carpet. He acknowledges my feelings but in the midst of that he just naturally brings joy and smiles to my day. To me that’s the mark of someone quite special.

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  1. This made me think about me being funny. I wrote about how Michael always makes me laugh but I think his influence over the years has helped me to be funnier too and I feel quite confident that I often make him laugh too. I guess like you and Mr F we just fit together perfectly


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