Feeling Peachy

We are at the midday way point of January and therefore halfway throughout January Jumpstart and on the whole it’s been a good start to the year. So here are five things I’m feeling peachy about so far in 2023 …

1. Blogging – everything could still go tits up, but I’ve blogged everyday of this year so far, including three Sinful Sunday posts and my aim was for one nudey rudey a month. I definitely feel like I’ve got my passion for blogging back.

2. Exercise – in June Mr F and I running out local Race for Life. Which means running is now a must, I got off to a slow start, but my first day out I did 3.5km. Not high speed and some was a brisk walk, but I bloody did it never the less and as I type this in itching to go again as soon as Mr F is up out of bed to watch the wee one.

3. Sex – we’ve had sex three times this year. Which probably doesn’t seem like a lot out of 15 days, but holy crap we’ve had some dry spells (because of life not desire, so it’s very frustrating at times). I think we’d have got some others sessions in too but Mr F was his with germs, so sexy times are not on his mind right now. Fingers crossed we’re back at it again soon.

4. Work – I briefly had a part time job in spring of last year but it just wasn’t working out for our family. I’m now officially on the books of the same company as Mr F though. This should work a lot better as they will work around his shifts, it’s only 12 hours a week max but it’s a really important stage in our future together. Eventually (in the next year or so) he will be running his own branch and it will be a lot easier for him if I’m involved. It’s exciting to be moving forward towards our nexts steps as a couple/family.

5. My Body – it’s a bit ironic really, because my body will probably change from running I suppose, but I’m finally feeling a bit good about it again. I’ve been able to take photos I genuinely liked, rather than could edit enough to hide the bits I perceived as flaws. I haven’t physically changed from this time last year, so it’s absolutely a mental shift. So even though I am going to be exercising more that’s about health over weight and I won’t be desperate to be a size 8 (U.K) again by June!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Peachy

  1. It makes me happy to see you getting your blogging mojo back. As for the running. Good luck. I loved the year I did that and I felt really strong but in the end injury meant no more running. I am thinking about getting my bike out this spring and seeing if that might work


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