A Sneaky Peek!

Erotic photography became a huge part of my blogging life but that definitely changed after I had Tiny Human. When I started this blog I really wasn’t sure I wanted to share erotic images, be the suggestive or full nudes.

This last few weeks though, for whatever reason I’ve enjoyed sharing again, and while I’m not quite back where I was in terms of photo creativity, I’m enjoying where I am.

This means I’ve decided to partake in February PhotoFest next month! Whaaaat? 28 days of nude or semi nude Floss, hell yeah, it’s happening (again). I currently have 14 images ready to edit and share with you all. I think my theme is going to be ‘what I’ve been hiding’, because I have been hiding, hiding my body away in case you all compare it to my old photos and decide this body isn’t as good.

Well, I know it is as good, and actually in some ways it’s better (old bod was still HOT AF though) and we’re done hiding. So boobs, butt and belly are coming your way.

This image for Boobday is a sneaky peek of a similar but spicier image I will be sharing in February.

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