Back In The Game!

Before lockdowns, maternity leave and then being a SAHM I had finally and surprisingly found a job I actually enjoyed. Surprising because my Dad has been a chef my whole life, and the entirety of his working life. My mum also worked in kitchens for a while too and I was just told it wasn’t a job for me.

Turns out I’m great in a kitchen. I’m not talking Michelin star kitchens, but high street kitchens of restaurants you’d definitely recognise. I thoroughly enjoy the kitchen vibe and adore not having to deal with guests. Though I suspect I will have to branch out into public facing at some point in the future.

I’m now back in the kitchen game as I’m two shifts in to working in the same restaurant as Mr F. He moved from where we met at work onto bugger and better things. In terms of our future my being involved in the business of going to be a huge benefit. It isn’t an uncommon occurrence either, in fact, we are one of multiple couples comprised of manager & staff member. Think running a pub, it’s really handy if it’s a family affair. This is almost (but not quite) that exact set up.

Unfortunately not all examples of the set up are happy and it’s given us both a lot to talk about. We are both 100% invested in this being the life we want together. Mr F is an amazing hospitality manager, and I’m passionate about good food, clean kitchens and well trained staff. It’s a good combination and we are both excited for when Mr F is at the helm of his own ship (so to speak, we don’t actually work on a ship).

It almost feels naive to say ‘that won’t be us’ but assuming it will all go tits up seems daft too. Deep down I think we have amazing things ahead of us and I can’t wait for him to have the role he truly deserves, and yes, maybe there is an element of me just tagging along for the ride, but what a ride I think it’s going to be.

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