What I’ve Been Hiding

When I saw the latest prompt of ‘Hiding’ for Revelations I knew it would be the perfect topic to kick off my February Photo Fest posts with because I had already decided that my theme for this month long project of daily photographs was going to be ‘What I’ve Been Hiding’.

What I’ve been hiding is my body, which doesn’t look the same as it did when I was posting regular images on the previous blog. I won’t lie, I felt really awkward showing this new body alongside the old one. I felt like the comparison did me no favours and I was worried what people might think.

The truth is a lot of the negative thoughts, if not all of them, came from inside my own head. I know that growing up I was taught a lot of body negative ideas, I have been trying very hard to unlearn a lot of things and embrace my body rather than hide it away.

The image above that I’m starting FebPhotoFeat with is a good example of how, when I did share images, I made sure to hide the parts of me I think are less desirable. As we move through February though I’m going to be doing that less because it’s time to stop hiding.

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