I quite like cunt. I like the word to describe my own genitals. I like using it in erotica. I like saying it out loud when I masturbate. Fuck my cunt. That phrase definitely gets me going. I also, despite not indulging at the moment, enjoy other cunts immensely too.

I also quite like my own cunt. While we didn’t embark on orgasmic delights together until I was in my late twenties, as the years have passed body and mind have definitely learned to work together and my cunt is now a great sort of pleasure for me. I’ve always been happy with how it looks too and even the changes it’s gone through after both pregnancies haven’t changed my feelings on it.

When I was about 19 I started shaving all my pubic hair. I loved how it felt for the most part and as time went on partners preferred it and it’s how I always kept it. Even through both pregnancies I kept as shaved as I could, although towards the end of both it became quite a challenge.

After I had Tiny Human though, so just over 18 months ago, I realised my skin was not on board with the shaving any more. I have still done it a fair few times but after the last time I think I’ve decided not to do it again, as the picture for today FebPhotoFest shows.

I tend to shave the edges and labia, because that doesn’t cause me any issues and makes me feel tidier but I no longer shave the rest. I am thankful that Mr F isn’t too concerned either way. I think his preference maybe is shaved, but he would never make a fuss over me keeping things hairy. In fact, we once discussed shaving my armpits, and he said he wasn’t even sure he’d notice if I stopped. So he’s definitely not afraid of a bit of body hair.

He also seems as fond of my cunt as I am. His fingers and his cock seem very at home there and I love that despite how it may have changed in the last few years his desire for it (and for me as a whole) hasn’t declined at all. I love that for me and my vagina, we deserve love and good feelings in abundance, as do all vulvas & vaginas.

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  1. This whole post fills me with all the warm fuzzy feels. Both your image and the relationship you have with your cunt is just so beautiful.

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