Loving My Boobs

I have discussed on the blog that it’s taken time for me to become more comfortable with my post-pregnancy tummy since having Tiny Human. However, I have no such issues getting on board with my post-pregnancy boobs!

I have always been a small boobed lady. A full 32A at the most. I definitely learnt how to make my boobs work for me and despite wanting them to be larger in my late teens, as an adult I grew to love them as they were.

Now, they are much bigger than they were. I have no idea on the size, but I do keep meaning to measure them. Maybe I can update you on that in another FebPhotoFest post. Whatever they’re size though I find them delightful.

I love them being played with. Mr F grips them nice and firmly, and when he puts my nipples in his mouth it’s a fast track to orgasm town. My boobs are a big part of our sex life and honestly, I love the attention they get from Mr F.

In this image I think they look big, juicy and begging to be licked and sucked. Which to me is an excellent vibe for Boobday.

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