Revealing Not Concealing

I discussed in my first post for February Photo Fest that my theme for this month of pictures was revealing what I’ve been hiding.

I took as series of picture a month or so back and there some I definitely prefer to others. The one I used for my head image, also shown below, is one I liked straight away. My hand is in a position to conceal some of my tummy. Which is a move I’ve become accustomed to using.

The second image though where my hand is higher up and you can see the tummy spring a little more definitely became an image that I didn’t want to share. But that isn’t how I want to be. So here it is.

I used the same edit on both these images but as you can see they’ve come out slightly differently but I quite like that. I think it’s quite fitting that the rosy blush is more prominent in the image I was initially most confident about. While it is there in the second image is certainly isn’t as widespread, but it is there, just like my confidence, there but not always able to fully push forward, I will get there eventually though.

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