Anal Play Is Fun Butt It’s Just Not For Me

As you can see from the image included in this post I have purchased and used butt plugs. I’ve actually owned more than I’ve used, but I’ve used maybe around half a dozen since I started exploring kink back 2015. The picture for this image was taken in late 2019 and that was the last time I put a butt plug in and I have to admit, I haven’t missed it.

If I haven’t missed it that must mean I don’t really enjoy it that much, right? Maybe, because I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed the sensations delivered by using a butt plug, but I would exactly refer to those feelings as pleasure. Better descriptions would be intense, interesting and pleasure adjacent! 

All butt play goes into the category of ‘I’m quite happy never doing it, but can definitely indulge in some aspects if a partner loves it/wants to try it’. Butt plugs are definitely the biggest area of anal play that I’m most comfortable with. I’ve always been in control of putting them in and taking them out, I can make sure I’m well prepared to pop one in, take my time doing it and I can choose one that’s comfortable and pretty to look at.

Whereas something like anal penetration with a penis, is less appealing and something I’ve never achieved. I’ve had moments of wanting to try, but for various reasons it’s never happened and honestly I’m not disappointed by that either.

I absolutely see why it’s sexy and I can even imagine it happening to me and get off on it. In reality though I just think me and my butt are more likely to gain the best kinds of pleasure from other things.

I also be very honest and potentially provide too much information but since having Tiny Human I’m even less inclined to put this up my bum! Things are fine, but definitely different in that area and I really can’t imagine it would be a sexy feeling to play around there any more. 

However, all that said, it’s not a hard limit. If Mr F decided he absolutely couldn’t carry on not experiencing anal play and he wanted us to try it out together then I’d be open to seeing where that led because I’ve never had awful experiences with it and I’m always up for trying things out my partner might enjoy so long as they’re comfortable for me to engage in, even if it’s not one of my biggest kinks or turn ons.

3 thoughts on “Anal Play Is Fun Butt It’s Just Not For Me

  1. While my own bodily changes are not childbirth related, I can definitely empathize with the digestive changes. Anal play used to be fun for me sometimes (like you, I could be into it if a partner wanted to play that way), but these days it’s a big NO THANK YOU.

  2. I love anal play but do it so very rarely that it is nerve wracking. My meds have made some things trickier too.

    On the other hand, being told to use a plug, or that I am going to get fucked that way and I am an Immediate puddle.

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