I’ve thought about the word stretch a lot and I wanted to write something sexy inspired by it but it didn’t transpire quite the way I wanted to. I did however capture an image for it which I’m loving, but couldn’t decide between black and white or colour, so you’ve go them both between the header image and the image below.

I think one of the reasons I couldn’t quite focus my words for a specific piece for the words stretch is because it covers so much my mind kept interrupting with things that were relevant but not specific to the idea I wanted to follow through with.

I wanted to talk about sexy stretching, of muscles, of cunts, of my body, of his body but the truth it over my lifetime ever part of me has been stretched and it isn’t always sexy.

My body, my mind, my heart, my soul have all be stretched in ways I never anticipated. There were time they stretched and returned to their previous state, but overall we’ve stretched and the form we returned to was new but no less me than the former incarnations were.

5 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. well you are often in full living color, but this time I like the B & W.

    I like how a few wisps of pubic hair are highlighted and how the shadows create spaces in your curves.

  2. I love this and feel it very deeply right now. I feel as if I’m stretched in ways I’ve never been stretched before and I’m not sure I’ll ever bounce back again.

    As for which image, I feel the B&W one but the colourful one makes me smile.

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