Danger Wanks … Yay or Nay?

I’ve never had a danger wank. Nor do I intend to. Like many things I’m not actively I too do however get why they’re hot and I’ve been so unbelievably horny that I’ve wished I could achieve some brief satisfaction from fingering my aching cunt in a less than ideal location but I’ve always known that for me it wouldn’t be a danger wank, just a pointless, rubbish wank. Which is the saddest kind of wank if you ask me. 

My masturbation background is as follows …I’ve been doing it since my mid teens, but I didn’t achieve an orgasm, of any kind, partnered or solo until I was in my late twenties. I was always able to enjoy sex without any kind of climax but masturbation didn’t hit the pleasure spots in the same way as sex, so sneaking off for a quick wank, be it a danger one or not,  would have done little to nothing for me. 

I couldn’t relax enough or connect with my own wants and needs enough to truly enjoy masturbation when I had complete privacy, so stealing a few minutes in a bathroom stall to try and pleasure myself held no appeal at all and it still doesn’t despite the fact things  have changed dramatically for me when it comes to orgasms. 

I am now multi-orgasmic, well, at least I am during partnered sex, they’re frequent, they’re strong and they’re often messy, which is all amazing. When I’m going solo though? Well to be honest masturbation is something that just quells a need briefly until I can be fully satisfied by a partner. I can only orgasm once on my own, it’s rare I can make myself squirt and a solo orgasm just doesn’t have the breathless, leg shaking quality of one dished out by Mr F. 

I have tried a vast array of masturbation techniques and included all kinds of kinks in my solo activities and it still isn’t something that truly does it for me. When I masturbate it’s always with a vibrator because without one I just get more sexually frustrated and that isn’t usually the aim of masturbation for me. Solo play with no toys is just completely pointless, I’ve tried it many times, in many ways and I’m just not that into it. All these factors combined are to my mind the reason I’m still not interested in danger wanks. No wank with a Doxy is going to go unnoticed if anyone is close by. 

That’s not to say danger wanks don’t feature in my smutty thoughts though, because they actually do, but rarely am I the one wanking. I have however thought about Mr F doing things like this before, almost certainly in situations he’d never find himself in, or in places he’d absolutely never have a wank in, but I think it’s fun to imagine anyway. 

Less so now, but in our early days when I would send lots of sexy images to him, often at incredibly inappropriate times, I’d imagine him in the office at work, his jeans and boxers hurriedly ushered out of the way so he could access his inconveniently hard dick and having a frenzied wank before anyone could catch him. 

I’ve also imagined him having a wank on the sofa when I’m in bed. Our flat is small and there is only about 9 feet between our sofa and our bed, despite them being in separate rooms, so if he did it, his chances of getting caught would be high. I also know he’d be more likely to come to bed to resolve his horniness, which is absolutely fine by me, but for some reason I still imagine him stealing those moments alone while I’m sleeping or scrolling through my phone before bed. 

I’d also be more into this topic if we replaced wanking with fucking. I’d be well up for a danger fuck! Which now I’ve typed that out sounds like something altogether different, so to clarify, I’d be very excited and extremely turned on to fuck Mr F somewhere illicit. Our current lifestyle doesn’t really allow for sneaky fucks in forbidden places but I’d love to think we could enjoy that at some point in the future.

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  1. Oh yes to the idea of a partner having a danger wank. I have to say being sent images of his hard dick clearly visible through his jeans or trousers out in the world when my messages have turned him on is absolutely fire!


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