How To Treat A Queen

In a previous relationship I had a partner tell me regularly that I was his Princess and anything I wanted I could have. Which sounds lovely but his actions didn’t make me feel like a Princess and they certainly didn’t make me feel like a Queen.

Further on in life as many of you know I discovered a love of FemDom, it was brilliant in many ways and I truly believe it should have made me feel like the Queen I am, but the truth is, it didn’t. Or at least I didn’t feel like I was his Queen and rightly or wrongly that’s what I wanted. I wanted a relationship where I felt like a Queen.

When I met Mr F I very quickly realised, before we were even officially dating, that he made me feel prioritised and adored in ways I’d never encountered before. Because the world is weird and moaning about your partner seems commonplace in lots of spaces, I’ve had people ask me how I put up with him. I could spend hours answering why I feel truly blessed to have him in my life, but the short and simple answer is because he treats me like a Queen. 

How he treats his Queen and how you treat yours might be different and there’s definitely lots of emotional support and love that makes me feel the way I do. There’s also lots of physical affirmations that make me think ‘hell yeah, that’s my King for sure’. Cuddles, kisses, stolen bum touches while the kids aren’t looking, boob grabs when he’s asleep and not even aware of his actions, highly satisfying and often intense fuckery and as you can see from the image below, in this house we come all over our Queen and if that isn’t an offering of adoration then I don’t know what is.

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