For The Love Of Cunt

When the topic for Kink of the Week was vagina/vulva, my brain immediately went in a specific direction and I shared the post Cunt. This week the topic for Revelations is specifically ‘cunt’ and I’m going to share my thoughts in a little more detail. Previously I wrote about my cunt and how I feel about it, how it’s changed etc. This post is about the word itself and how I came to enjoy using it.

Growing up cunt was a bad word. The worst of words. The ‘see you next Tuesday’ word. Nobody used this word except people with no manners. I cannot even begin to imagine what would have happened if I’d said this word in polite company. I never knew at that point in time that it could be a sexy word, in fact at that point in time I don’t think I knew any words would be sexy to me one day. 

When I was married I was definitely in possession of some hang ups around sex. I don’t know where they came from, or how (or maybe if) I got rid of them, but those issues extended to using words during sex, or even discussing sex in general, at least not in any useful way. 

To this day I cringe thinking of the times I was asked to say pussy. Always during sex, even though he knew what my reaction would be. I couldn’t say it. My brain could say it inside my head, but my mouth could not formulate the word. I just felt incredibly awkward and embarrassed and in the middle of sex, when I should be enjoying myself, I’d be begging for him just to leave the topic alone. I couldn’t say it, I didn’t want to say it, the request always ruined sex for me and I hated, hated with a passion the fact he couldn’t just let the matter go. 

When I turned my hand to FemDom I actually couldn’t believe I could use my words during play to enhance the situation further. I loved that I found my voice and with the pressure off it became a lot easier to explore dirty talk and understand what it could be, and that randomly blurting out pussy wasn’t essential to my sexy chat repertoire. 

With Mr F we don’t talk at all during sex really. I mutter a lot, mostly expletives and he gets a little more vocal towards the end, but most often we just fuck wordlessly and that works for us. However, I know I could dirty talk with Mr F he asked me to, but I’m still not saying pussy.

I can say pussy, I’ve said it out loud on my own during masturbation and it doesn’t repulse me but there is still a definite barrier when using it with a partner. I think I could say cunt all day long though and as a bonus it turns me on a lot. Fuck my cunt. Come in my cunt. Finger my cunt. My cunt is so wet for you. It all sounds so delicious.

Cunt also feels great in my mouth, it sounds raw and exposed. No added fluff to try and maintain modesty or decency. It’s not twee, or sweet, it’s brazen and clear cut. I don’t want my partner to make love to my pussy. I want my partner to fuck my cunt. I don’t want polite, neat and tidy sex. I want it to be vulgar, dirty and messy. Cunt fulfills all that and more to my mind. 

Even now in 2023 attitudes towards women and sex can be alarmingly prudish and oppressive. What I love about cunt is that it’s unapologetic. No, I’m not going to sugar coat my sexual desire or use words for my body that make people more comfortable. I’m also not going to stand by while a perfectly decent word for my genitals is used as an insult or derogatory term for someone. No way assholes, cunt is mine, it’s for me, I’m using it, loving it and quite frankly it’s too good to be used for people who behave poorly. If someone is a piece of shit just say that, there’s no need to sully the fabulous word that is cunt.

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  1. I used to be a pussy girl (laughs) but over the years I have gone of it, it feels to twee when it comes to my vulva/vagina and I most definitely all about cunt. It is what I call it and it what I want my lovers to call it


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