I believe joy should not be infrequent or sparse 

For me it’s abundant, it’s wherever you are

You are my sunshine on the cloudiest of days

You are flowers of all colours when my fields are grey

There is joy in your laughter, in your smile and touch

It is joy that moves through me as I bask in your love

There’s joy in the small things and the big things as well

It’s in the stories we share and the secrets we tell

We find joy in the darkness under a blanket of stars

As intimacy unfolds and we share all that we are

The daytime isn’t lacking, it brings a joy of its own

As the world witnesses our love, joy is seen, it is known

On the worst of my days, you are the most joyful of things

You are the spring in my step, you are the song my heart sings

There was joy before you, many good times were had

But the joy of our togetherness is the purest joy ever had

Featured image my own from a recent day out that definitely brought a lot of joy

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