The First Thing I Thought Of

If you use WordPress, and specifically the Jetpack app on your phone, you may have noticed like I did recently the daily prompt it offers up. Today (a few days ago when you finally read this) it was jot down the first thing that comes to mind …

Fuck it’s good when he sucks my tits!

Eloquent and insightful right?! Okay, maybe not, but what do you expect from someone whose entire blogging history has been about the intimacy of relationships.

I’m always horny for Mr F, since the day that switch flipped in my mind and I decided I absolutely had to have him, it’s just a constant wait until the next we fuck. At the moment that seems amplified and we’ve somehow been lucky enough to fit some naked time in with each other three days in a row! 

On every one of those days my boobs have ended up in his mouth and I bloody love it. I’ve always enjoyed this, even in past relationships, but with Mr F it seemed to enter a new phase of pleasure. It’s rare that he doesn’t pay attention to my nipples during sex, but if he missed it out too many times I’d have to issue a polite request for the sucking and licking to recommence because it’s absolutely one the things I love most. 

Again, I’m lucky this happens often, but one of the best moments is when his fingers are deep inside me and his mouth is firmly fixed onto one of my tits. I writhe beneath him, hips bucking as greedily against his hand as I try to gain even more pleasure from a situation that is already going to create a pretty intense orgasm.

Fingering on its own is awesome. His cock pounding me into next week is awesome. Either of those things combined with his mouth on my boobs is just epically and unbelievably wonderful.

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