Easy Access Boobs

As the spring and summer approaches I voiced my excited short season. I love Mr F wearing shorts, it absolutely gives me a delightful amount of access to him. In response he said he felt the same about me in summer dresses.

His enthusiasm is brilliant, the only problem being I didn’t actually own any dresses or skirts. I used to have lots, and I almost exclusively wore a skirt or a dress in the early days of us getting together.

Since then covid has happened, which let me settle into the joys of comfy clothing, then pregnancy happened and with it my new body post-pregnancy and honestly I just didn’t know what dresses would even suit me.

At home in my comfies and nakedness I’m actually pretty content with my body. It’s definitely curvier and more wobbly than it once was, but it’s also more responsive sexually and that’s the best thing ever.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a new shape and I don’t really know how to dress it yet, I do a lot of T-shirt outfits, not necessarily to hide my body but because it’s comfy, more so I just don’t want to be uncomfortable. I do want Mr F to have the joys of summer dresses though, so I made it my mission to find some I feel good in.

My favourite one is the one pictures, it’s comfy, it looks cute and basically just ticks all the boxes for both of us. I purposely didn’t show it to Mr F so I could send him a picture of it the next day, which I absolutely did, very similar to the pictures in this post.

When I saw him the next day I asked him if he liked my new dress, while holding the dress in my hand, his response? ‘Is that the same dress from the pictures?‘ he was so excited about the boobs and the potential for sexy fun, he didn’t even take in what the dress looked like. Which I find highly entertaining.

So fingers crossed for some fun in the sunshine over the coming months and if you’re lucky maybe we’ll get some pictures or stories to tell along the way.

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