A Quiet Fuck

We have to be quiet. No. Not quiet. Silent. Completely and utterly absent of noise while we fuck. Which means no squeaky bed, not even a whisper of a moan. I think we have to wait, you tell me to shush, that I have to just wait and see.

I can’t even kiss you without moans of pleasure escaping my lips, so I have to silence them. Silent, breathy moans, inaudible panting as I restrict the noises that are desperate to escape my lips. I’m struggling already as your tongue flicks against my own and your hands rub against my bare flesh.

Panic sets in as you position yourself between thighs, I protest that the bed is our enemy and will betray us with its endless squeaking. Despite desperately wanting you to fuck me, I’m still uttering my objections when once again, you tell me not to worry, it’s okay, you’ve got this. I relax, part my legs, let out a deep sigh of contentment as your fingers sink into my cunt.

I reach between us, eager to touch you, but you push my hand away. No distractions, you are focusing on what you’re doing and what you’re doing, very well, is me and I’m doing,maybe less well, is as I’m told. I huff in disbelief that I’ve been denied access to your cock, in turn you push your fingers deeper inside me, my breath catches in my throat as you finger me harder while your mouth dips to my nipple to ensure I am truly in a state of euphoria.

My hips buck against your fingers as you suck, lick and nibble on my nipple. My hands hold your head to my breast, I fucking love this exact combination of pleasure. It. Is. Everything. I daydream about it, I masturbate to thoughts of it, I eagerly anticipate the next time it will happen and every time you finger me whilst sucking on my tits I feel like I’ve won the sex jackpot.

Your philosophy is clearly not to give too much of a good thing, because you stop, oh why would you stop. To get your cock inside me, that’s why you’d stop. First though you rub the head against my clit, this is the best clit stimulator there is, no matter how I try or what I use I cannot replicate this sensation. It pushes me to the edge so when you finally push yourself deep inside me I’m ready to fucked to orgasm and wouldn’t even mind if you came inside me and called it a day.

It’s not a quicky kind of day though, so you thrust, once, twice, maybe four times, slow, deep, making me desperate, aching, begging for more; and more I get, but not more cock, more fingers, and I know why, because you want more. More wetness, more silent squirming, more watching me struggle to keep quiet as you finger me until I squirt all over your hand.

I grip your shoulders, your wrists, your thighs, I dig my fingers into your chest. My movements are erratic, I’m flailing, keep the moans inside causes my body to protest, fuck, I want to cry out, I want to moan against your ear, my breath heavy against your skin, I want to say yes, yes, fuck yes, that’s it, but I don’t. Instead I bite my lip, hold my breath, scream silently open mouthed, while you laugh and point out the bed isn’t making any noise.

It’s a fact I can’t deny, even when you slide your cock back into me, and lose yourself in my cunt, no longer teasing but giving in to your own need for pleasure. Even then you’re somehow defying the laws of bed squeakiness. I want to ask how, what wicked magic are you using to silence our usually vocal bed, but I don’t ask, because you kiss me, and your cock is my cunt and your tongue is in my mouth and my mind no longer cares about anything but how good you make me feel.

Fuck I want to tell you. I want to groan, moan, curse and shout about how unbelievably fucking good this shag is. Instead I push my tongue against yours, curl my fingers into your shoulders, wrap my legs tight against you thighs and relish the feeling of you fucking me knowing you are edging ever closer to your own climax.

I love it when you come, this time and all the other times but this times comes with an additional win for me, as your orgasm take hold and your spunk blissfully fills my cunt you moan ‘fuck’ out loud. It’s quiet but audible. You broke the silence. It wasn’t a competition of course, but if it was my cunt and I would have won. Then again I feel like we win every time we fuck, what absolute lucky bastards we are.

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