Inspired by an image (not the featured image) shared by Honey who you can find over at HappyComeLucky or @ht_honey on Mastodon and on the social media formally known as Twitter. Her caption with the image was ‘What am I waiting for?’ and the pervert that I am kept thinking about the answer to that question and the result is the following piece of erotica. It contains woman on woman action and themes of Dominance and submission.

She’s waiting for me in the hotel room while I shower. I think of her, as I often do, but this time she’s separated only by a door and a wall, not a few hundred miles. I wonder what she’s doing, I know she’s horny, I wonder if she’s touching herself, or is she waiting patiently for me to do the touching.

Normally I would have left her with instructions, but I was so eager to wash the effects of a days travelling off me, so I could pay her my full attention, I was somewhat lax in making it known what my expectations were. So tonight there were no expectations, no plans, no instructions for her to follow. That could all wait until tomorrow.

As I walk out of the bathroom, wrapped in only my towel, I see she is wearing even less than me. She’s standing completely naked in front of our glass patio doors. While the evening is setting in, it’s still very light, thanks to the joys of summer and I’m very grateful that this is the kind of hotel that welcomes adult behaviour because she doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to push her tits against that door and fuck her until she begs for mercy.

She hears me coming, and her body shifts as if to turn around … ‘don’t move, stay right where you are.’

Okay, maybe I lied to myself when I said there’d be no instructions. Old habits die hard though and as soon as I’m presented with her naked body I just ache to watch her submission unfold, it’s beautiful and addictive and I can’t get enough of it. So when she obeys silently, her body returning to its position as she waits for what’s in store for her, my heart swells and my cunt aches.

‘Put your hands either side of your face against the door and push your tits flat against the glass, but stick your arse out asas far as you can.’

I watch as she moves into position, flinching as her tits touch the cool glass. Her back arching as she sticks her arse out towards me, her muscles flexing as she holds a slightly awkward position. Fuck she’s sexy. I can feel the wetness between my thighs just from looking at her. Knowing what waits for me.

‘Whatever you do, well more precisely whatever I do to you, don’t move. Hold this position until I say otherwise, or there will be consequences. Understood?’

‘Understood Miss.’

She was incredibly good at doing as she was asked, but I had no intentions of making it easy for her. This was the game. She desperately wanted to hold her position, but I absolutely wanted to force her out of it because then I get to fuck her and dish out some punishment spanks to her gorgeous backside, which is somehow even more glorious with a pink, freshly spanked hue to it.

Still, she was determined and never gave in easily, so it was time to see who would win our little battle.

I drop to my knees, my face level with her cunt, I hear a small hitch as she realises what I’m about to do. Thanks to her beautifully held position, I’ve got great access. I run my tongue along the length of her labia and she sighs with relief at that first contact. I’m gentle, soft, applying so little pressure that I’m sure it’s almost a tickle. I don’t want to be so delicate, I want to push my tongue right into her, my nose pressed against her clit, but a little desperation does us both good. So I continue the slow, sensual tease, running my fingers up and down her legs and over her arse.

Eventually her groans of frustration win me over and I really taste her, I thrust my tongue inside her cunt, I lick and suck every inch of her lips and clit. I can feel her twitch, her hips flexing instead of bucking like I know they want to. It seems only right to add to her dilemma, so I slowly push two fingers inside of her.

In, out, slow, steady.
More tongue.
Lick. Suck.
Finger fuck.
Slow. Steady. Quicker.

I maintain my sweet, almost cruelly tender attention to her cunt for as long as I can. Even though I’m desperate to throw her on the bed and suck her tits while I finger her to a climax that would soak those crisp white hotel bed sheets. I know can do what I want, fuck her anyway I want her, but it’s tricky when you want to fuck someone in all the ways at once, hard choices have to made.

Right now, I’m getting off on how exposed she is, in theory someone could see us. They could see her tits squashed against the glass, her heavy breathing has steamed up the glass, so her face is obscured to outside view, but her dripping cunt could surely be seen. I imagine an unknown couple seeing us, slowing their pace to take us in. Their palms being to sweat, his cock swells, her cunt throbs and after they’ve rushed back to their room to fuck they wonder if they might see us around the following day. They’d be lucky if they did, we do enjoy company ever so much.

It’s just us though, in this moment and that’s perfect because she’s about to lose the battle, she just doesn’t know it yet and perhaps she wouldn’t want an audience for that, then again maybe she would, exhibitionism is a curious and fascinating adventure after all.

I stand up, curl my fingers into her hair, and tug just enough so that her cheek is lifted from its resting position on the glass. While my other hand caresses her arse before sliding into her cunt, my fingers eager to find that sweet spot that will be her undoing.

I breathe against her ear, no words, just my hot, ragged breathing speeding up as the intensity of my fucking increases. I know she’s aching, throbbing, building to that moment. She’s whimpering, wordlessly pleading, she wants to come, she wants to move, she want me to kiss her, she wants to move her hands and touch me, hell I bet she even wants to fall to her knees and lick my cunt but she isn’t getting any of it, except the orgasm.

I move my fingers in a way I know will tip her over the edge, fast, furious, we’re ending with a hard, rough fuck. I pull harder on her hair and when she squeals I know I’ve got the balance right between pain and pleasure and it’s then that she begins to unravel.

I feel her cunt clenching around my fingers, her arousal drenching my hand and I watch with joy as her knees give way and her hands slide down the glass door. I stand above her, my hand slick with her wetness as I watch her resemble a human puddle upon the floor and I can’t help but feel complete and utter joy at the delightful situation we find ourselves in.

‘It seems you have moved.’

Her eyes flash open at my words, she looks around in confusion, the realisation hits and her mouth says ‘oh shit’ but the sparkle in her eyes says ‘fuck yes’. Her arse is mine and she knows it. I’m going spank her, fuck her, then spank her some more. Those hotel sheets are definitely going to see some action.

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  1. Ahhh what a wonderful scene! The tension just builds and burns hot from the first hit of need upon seeing her naked, the poetry of the fingerfuck to the intimate hot fast and furious finish. “It seems you have moved” is glorious, I love when i get to say something like that to someone I am playing with. A truly shared victory from disobedience.

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