The Joys of Gardening

This piece was inspired by a toot on Mastodon by mywildlens. You should absolutely click that link and give her fabulous site a visit.

Gardening in the U.K can be both idyllic and a total pain in the arse. Today’s to-do list features all the gardening jobs I haven’t got done due to the quite frankly torrential summer rains we’ve been having. As is often the case here it’s one extreme to the other. It’s not even 8am and it’s already so hot I was sweating within minutes of stepping outside. So I’ve retreated indoors again, a peach iced tea in my hand and the dog at my feet, as I stare out into the garden trying to motivate myself to get started.

‘Oh I see the gardening is going well, so much for getting an early start.’

I haven’t turned to look at him, but I can hear the smirk on his face, he doesn’t care if I do the garden or not, but he thinks he’s hilarious pointing out my well meaning intentions have gone nowhere.

‘It’s just too bloody hot, it’s hard to motivate myself when I know what torture it’s going to be once I get going.’

‘What if I help you?’

‘What? In the garden? But you hate gardening.’

‘Oh I won’t be gardening, I can however help get you motivated.’

With that he stands in front of me, his hard cock barely concealed by his underwear. I don’t register the ice cube in his hand until he’s running it between my breasts, his hand pushing against the fabric of my dress causes a strap to fall off my shoulder. I moan softly, a combination of pleasure caused by his attention and the chill of the ice against my hot skin.

‘Well seeing as we’ve lost a strap, we may as well remove the whole dress.’

He removes my barely there sundress and I’m left standing in just my white cotton panties. His eyes take me in, his hand slowly grazing my flesh, my cunt aches and internally I’m willing him to fuck me right here in the kitchen, in sure being sexually sated would help me concentrate on my chores for the rest of the day.

‘So here’s the deal … you do your gardening in your panties while I watch and make sure you don’t get distracted. I will also provide refreshments and if you’re a good girl and don’t stop before lunch time, I’ll give you a special treat.’

This wasn’t phrased as a question. It was how he had decided the morning would go. Which meant I wasn’t getting fucked on the kitchen floor, I was going to get very hot and sweaty and only partly due to the weather. I’d be mostly naked, on display for him, knowing he’d likely be sat there with a rock hard cock the entire time. My cunt would be dripping by the time I was done and I had a feeling my ‘special treat’ wouldn’t involve me going feral on his cock with wild abandon.

I gathered my gardening tools, including the lawn mower, having decided to tackle the grass first. He in turn settles under the shade of a parasol in an extremely comfy garden chair, legs spread bulge fully on display, looking as if it was threatening to split his tightly fitting underwear at the seams.

As I begin mowing the grass I’m very aware of my body. My tits are bouncing, my soft belly is jiggling, my ass is sweating. I wonder if he can really be finding this sexy, which causes me to glance over at him and any doubts I had vanished. His eye are fixed on me, his erection is no longer contained, he’s leaning back in his chair, a drink in one hand, while his cock occupies the other.

He’s not jerking off, he’s not aiming for climax, instead he is languidly stroking, soft and slow and I recognize this pace. This is the touch of anticipation, he’s getting ready, gearing up, preparing for his trip to pound town. I still don’t know what he meant by ‘special treat’ but I do know whatever I’m getting I’m going to be getting it hard.

With the lawn finished, I remove my shoes and relish the feeling of fresh mown grass beneath my feet as I head towards the flower beds to tidy them up. I feel slightly ridiculous as I pair my underwear with a pair of gardening gloves and I wonder if he feels the same when he calls my name just as I pull the second glove on.

‘Don’t forget I promised refreshments.’

He holds a glass in the air and I head over to grab a drink, as I get to him he beckons me in for a kiss, a finger gently tapping at his lips. I bend down to kiss him, steadying myself with hands upon his shoulders and as my lips meet his, cool liquid starts to flow and I instinctively open my mouth to draw in the taste of lemonade.

I’m permitted to drink the rest of my drink from the glass before he pats me on the bottom and ushers me back to work.

I kneel down on the grass, and lose myself a little in the pruning and weeding. That said, I’m still very aware he’s watching me, and the sweat is dripping from every inch of my body, my underwear is drenched with sweat, as is my hair. I should feel gross, but he’s still hard, still aroused, still waiting for his moment to pounce and that alone makes me feel less self conscious and more confident.

I lean forward to tackle a particularly stubborn weed, this means I’m on all fours, with one hand tightly tugging against the unwanted greenery, I know my ass is in the air and I begin to wonder if he’s enjoying this new view, when I feel his presence behind me and the whole atmosphere shifts and I wonder if I am done with my gardening for the day.

‘Don’t move. Stay exactly where you are until I say otherwise.’

He kneels behind me, his hands grip my shoulders tightly before he slides them down my back, stopping on my hips, gripping them tightly and pulling my ass against his groin. He’s hard, really fucking hard and the snap of elastic tells me he’s also just freed his cock from the restraint of his underwear. His next move is to do the same to me as he pulls my panties down, leaving them digging into my thighs, as he pushes my legs further apart.

I love it when he fingers me, when he runs his tongue along my cunt, when he kisses me, teases me, spends as long as he can adoring me but I also love it when, like today, he doesn’t bother with any of that and just slides his cock inside me. And starts fucking me in whatever way feels good for him.

‘Do you think the neighbours can see?’

‘Absolutely. I’m sure of it. I’m sure they’re all watching and thinking what a dirty slut you are for being so horny you can’t even make it inside the house to get some dick.’

I moan at the thought of this, and reach for my clit as he continues to fuck me. I know it’s not true, I know no one can see us, but just imagining it is enough to get me off.

‘Shall we show them how truly filthy you are?’

‘Oh yes … yes please.’

I don’t actually know what he intends to do but whatever it is I want it. I continue to rub my clit as I inhale the smell of freshly mown grass and soil. My face is almost in the dirt, the effort it’s taking to keep myself from resting my cheek on the ground almost isn’t worth it. Especially as I continue to rub my clit, even when he pulls his cock from inside me, I keep rubbing, moaning, bucking my hips backwards hoping to impale myself on his cock.

His fingers are what I feel next though, on my asshole as they apply a liberal amount of his spit. Normally I’d flinch at the idea of him doing this next but without copious amounts of lube, but on rare occasions like this, when I’m so feral I could tear my own skin off if I don’t get fucked thoroughly, I welcome his cock into my ass with ease.

He positions the tip of his cock perfectly but doesn’t enter, he doesn’t move, just nudges me, once, twice, three times and fuck, I can’t let there be a forth.

‘Oh my god, fuck me, just fuck me.’

‘Really?’ Is that how we ask for something we’d like? There are people watching, remember? Don’t you think you should show our neighbours how well you can use your manners?’

‘Please, fuck my ass. Please?’

With that he moans in delight and appreciation as he starts to push his cock into my ass. The feeling of him stretching me to fit him is delicious, he is, quite rightly taking it slow, but the temptation to just thrust myself backwards is strong and hard to resist. I wait like a good girl though, through the mini thrusts, and the stopping and I relish the sounds he makes as he moves further and further inside me.

Satisfied that I’m comfortable he picks up the pace, his balls slapping against my cunt, the sweat flying off us both, one hand grabs my hip, the other squeezes a boob. His fingers dig into my soft flesh as his grunts and groans match my own. At some point I forgot I was touching myself, my hands are now curled into the dirt, my face has followed suit, nothing matters anymore except the feeling of him pounding my ass.

He fucks me so hard I can’t hold my position anymore, I buckle beneath him and end up lying flat on the ground, his weight crushes me in the best kind of way as he continues using my ass for his pleasure. One of his hands if trapped underneath us still holding onto my boob, the other is tightly gripping my shoulder and with every thrust he grips a little tighter, go a little deeper.

He’s getting so close, I can feel the urgency growing inside of hip, the desperate, aching need to fill me with his spunk is taking over, he’s the feral one now and the thought alone of him coming in my ass is enough to push me over the edge. With the grass tickling my cunt, hands filled with clumps of soil and my nose filled with all the scents of my flower bed, I come long and as he continues to pump his cock into me.

I can’t move, my body is limp, exhausted from the heat, the orgasm and the desire to enjoy the fact he’s still fucking me. I’m done, I know I won’t come again, I’m sure he knows this too, so the fact he isn’t stopping is thrilling. He’s using my hole because it’s his to use. I can’t feel his hot breath against my face, his sweat dripping onto me as his muscles begin to tense, the sounds leaving his mouth become guttural and beast-like as he fills his little cum slut with his seed.

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  1. This is so hot! I can picture the dirt ingrained on your knees and under your fingernails once he’s finished with you.

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