Inspired By The Leash

Once again a post on Mastadon got my brain whirring this time Monstrous Jaffa shared the photo in question. Which was exactly as I describe it in the story it inspired below, he also provided the ‘Want to taste the rainbow’ caption, the rest just came from my pervy imagination.I smile when I see his name flags up on my phone, it’s the weekend, which usually means he’s messing about with his camera and without fail this means sexy images delivered straight to my inbox. Today is no exception.

The words attached to the image simply say ‘Want to taste the rainbow?’, I try to guess what the image might be before I open it, but I didn’t get close at all. What I see is his cock, wrapped around it is a brightly coloured rainbow leash. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s sexy but perhaps not in the way he intended. Do I want to lick it? Always. But today, at the sight of that photo, I want to be a little rougher, a little bit more of a tease before we get to the licking. Which means I have to reply to him accordingly.

‘Love it! Sexy as ever, bring that leash with you tomorrow and maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll lick it once I’m finished with you.’

His response is full of agreement and curiosity, but I’m not giving him any more information. Anticipation is half the fun and I am fully aware that not knowing will give him a raging hard on before he even gets to me.

The following day he arrives promptly and as much as I love chatting and catching up all I can think about is getting him naked and playing with him until he begs for mercy.

I could just tell him to take his clothes off and he would, instead I walk up to him as he’s leaning against the kitchen counter looking effortlessly sexy and simply begin to remove his shirt. He raises an eyebrow and stops talking.

‘Keep talking, no need to stop.’

It’s a cruel instruction because he can’t focus on using words now and it won’t be long before they are replaced by a range of delightful noises. I’m undressing him, caressing him as I go, touching him everywhere, except there, his cock remains woefully neglected as is stroke, nibble and enjoy all he has to offer.

‘Where’s the leash?’

‘In the kit bag, there’s some other stuff too.’

‘Oh we won’t be needing anything else, I’m being a minimalist today, so just the leash.’

I take the leash and wrap it gently around his neck, tugging it in a downwards motion that has the desired effect and he falls to his knees. I gaze down at him, our eyes lock as I pull my panties down, curl the hem of my dress in my hands and stand in front of him my cunt a hair’s breadth away from him. We wait in silence, I issue no orders, I make no moves, I just wait as the electricity builds between us, cunt throbbing, cock pulsing, until …

‘Please, may I taste you.’

Fuck it’s hot when he’s desperate enough to ask, remembering his manners, hoping with every inch of his being that I’ll say yes. Today’s yes comes in the form of tugging on his leash again, this time I pull his face into my cunt, he groans as contact is made, his tongue rushing to taste me, his hands gripping my arse and pulling me closer, technically an infraction, he should have asked to touch but he’s already pulling my first orgasm from me so I’m going to let it slide.

I think he would do this all day, and I consider letting him, but I want to watch him squirm as I play with him. I want to see his discomfort, his arousal, his desperate need to come battling against his desire to wait, to please me, to follow instructions.

With another tug of the leash for direction I guide him to the sofa, a gentle prod of his chest sees him fall into the required sitting position, his cock is twitching, eager to get my attention, touch me, play with me, lick me, fuck me, such an attention whore and attention it will get.

I take the leash from around his neck, it’s rubbed slightly and I run my finger across the red patches it has left behind, my lips follow, I lick, nibble and suck, I make sure I’m leaving my mark before I tend to his throbbing cock.

He gasps as I begin to wrap the leash around his length, I hear his breath catch in his throat as he anticipates what my intentions might be. I give a brief tug at the leash, and delight at the groan that escapes his lips. A noise that tells me he loves what I’m doing, but part of him is embarrassed that he loves it so much.

I continue to alternate between pulling the leash tighter and tighter, and releasing it completely so it just lies there loosely taunting his cock. To tease him even more I run my tongue across the tip of his cock, I can taste the precum on my tongue, I lick his balls, cradle them, caress them, gently squeeze them until he can say nothing else but ‘fuck’.

I want to continue to tease him, but I also really want to fuck him. As a compromise with myself I repeat the tight leash, cock licking, ball squeezing combo a few more times, pushing him closer and closer to orgasm. Closer to the moment he gives me everything I want, his climax, his spunk, his moans of pleasure, his cries of pain, I want them all and I’ll get them all.

When I’m finally ready to fuck him I remove my dress, abandon the leash and slide my cunt onto his cock. I grab my own tits, pinch my nipples and take advantage of this sitting position we are in to have him take over with his mouth.

‘Fuck, that’s good. You’re only job while I fuck you is to suck, lick and squeeze my tits. Do not stop. Do not think about anything else.’

He doesn’t let me down, he fucks my tits with his mouth, he’s devouring them, relishing them, moaning with a mouthful, I haven’t even started bouncing on his cock yet but I can already feel a orgasm building inside me. I close my eyes, tell him I’m about to come, which makes him miraculously find even more enthusiasm for my tits and that alone is enough to push me over the edge.

The orgasm pushes me from horny to feral. I bounce and grind on his cock, instructing him to use teeth on my tits. He growls a little at this before dutifully obeying. I claw at his flesh and use his cock to come once, twice, then I lose count. Some little, some big, some that all roll into one. It’s the tit thing mainly, the constant, obsessive, mouth fucking of my tits keeps me on the edge, always ready to be pushed into another orgasm.

He’s doing well not to come himself, I’m close to exhaustion though and need to collapse with my head on his chest, his hand stroking my hair. I curl my hand into his hair and tug his head back, he makes an annoyed groan because I’ve taken my tits away, but as I start to ride him faster, harder, deeper he sees where this is going and appears to forgive me. I watch him, I listen to him, I witness the panic grow as he gets closer and closer to orgasm, but has had no instructions to come. I wait and wait, and cruelly I wait some more. His face is red, his eyes are glistening, every muscle in his body has tensed, he’s grunted with the effort to hold back and just when it looks like he might pass out from holding back I whisper the magic words in his ear …

‘Come for me … now.’

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  1. This is utterly fabulous Floss. It’s not how I would usually see things develop, but it definitely got a reaction….

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