Loving Nudity

Mr F likes me nude. When I told him nudity was a topic for Kink of the Week his response was ‘oh yeah, we like that’. Clothes, even the kind made to seduce are a barrier to my nakedness. In the past outfits of all varieties were a preference for past partners when it came to sexy times. 

It’s felt like an effort at times, dressing up, putting on makeup, making sure I look as appealing as possible. Hoping at time this got me fucked in the way I wanted and most of the time being disappointed. 

For a long time I didn’t think I had a sexy body (FYI this was my old body not the one you see on this blog), I was never bigger than a UK size 10, more often and 8, I had 32A boobs and not a curve in sight. I didn’t feel womanly in my nudity, but I did eventually find a way to feel sexy through lingerie and latex. 

When I met Mr F I had that same body type and he was clearly a fan. Nude. Nude. Nude. That was his favourite way to have me. It felt, and still feels absolutely exhilarating to have someone give zero shits about what clothes I wear but constantly be wondering when he’ll next have me naked for the fucking. 

I’m now a UK size 16, my body is very different to what it was. I’ve been back and forth over how I feel about this. Body image is tricky and what logic tells me and what I’ve been conditioned to believe aren’t quite the same thing. Mr F’s desire to have me naked hasn’t wavered at all though and that goes a long way into building my confidence in my body. 

I quite often do feel sexy now, especially when I’m nude. When he fucks me I feel like the sexiest woman in the world. I’m sure everything wobbles and flops about in ways I’d feel awkward about if I could see them, but he clearly doesn’t care and I’m starting to care a lot less too. 

I love my nude boobs. They’re bangin’, seriously I’m so into them. They’re the biggest they’ve ever been (no idea on size not had them measured because I don’t wear sized bras anymore), they’re sensitive as fuck, so they bring us both endless hours of pleasure and they capture Mr F’s attention all the time, he gropes them, licks them, kisses them, bites them and once in a while he’ll come all over them too. 

It’s my belly that holds me back from thinking all of me is sexy when nude. But that is slowly changing too. I’m edging towards the place of ‘so fucking what’. I’ve seen all kinds of women naked, fucked a fair few of them too because I’m a lucky bitch and you know what, I’ve enjoyed bellies just like mine. Flat tummies have been enjoyed also, as well as tummies with abs for days and bellies that were fatter and squishier than mine too. I genuinely do not look at a nude woman and go ‘woah that belly is not for me’, so why should I love my own any less. 

I look at other people nude and honestly I’m really into it. Sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes it’s really really fucking sexual. Sometimes it’s artistic appreciation. Sometimes it’s inspiring. Nude bodies can evoke all kinds of responses in me.

When it comes to Mr F being nude, fuck he makes me drool, stare and it gives me an immediate desire to fuck him. He laughs if I say he’s sexy, I don’t think he gets it at all, but there isn’t a single inch of his body that doesn’t get me all fired up. If he decided to be nude all the time I would absolutely support this decision. His nudity is absolutely sexual for me. So sexual that even thinking about him naked right now is making my cunt tingle.

I love all of your nudes too. I love being part of a community that takes and shares nude images. I enjoy all the various reasons we might share our nudes and I enjoy the variety of our bodies even more. So please keep sharing your nudey rudeys, even, or perhaps especially the ones that you’re not sure about, in my experience the images we have the most wobbles about are the ones people absolutely adore.

3 thoughts on “Loving Nudity

  1. I agree, being nude is the best even if the weather tries, ok succeeds to scupper us! I’m probably less comfortable with my body now than I’ve ever been but other people seem to enjoy it, so I’ll take that!

  2. I love being nude too and like you I love all the nude images people share. Some are definitely sexy and hot but other times they are beautiful or thought-provoking or challenging in some way and love it all

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