A Reminder


You can be a good person

With a kind heart

And still tell people

To fuck off when needed

When I saw the quote above I knew instantly I wanted to use it for this prompt weekend of ‘quote’. In my previous blogging incarnation I paired almost every image post with a quote. I love both finding a quote to suit an image and also creating an image to go with a quote.

This time around quote came first and I instantly knew the image I wanted to capture for it. When it came to editing the image I had a few colour variations occur and I loved them all, I didn’t intend to merge them all into one image, but doing so felt like it conveyed exactly what the quote was saying.

6 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. I love that quote. The idea that good means you take peoples crap is such bollocks.

    I love these images, the layering and the colours. It is so striking but the black and white version is also brilliant and oddly seems to keep calling me back to it


  2. Excellent quote and excellent image to go with it. It just feels like all those layers of ourselves are peeled away and we’re finally saying what we need to because let’s face it we don’t say ‘fuck off’ soon enough!

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